Take foot, place in mouth

So a little more digging and suffering with web storage, in particular Omnidrive just shows how dangerous it is to say anything. The minor teething issues I was having with getting Omnidrive to work turn out to be probable symptoms of something far worse: In the words of Dr McCoy; “It’s worse than that, Jim, it’s dead”. Well maybe not quite dead yet, but far from the glowing reviews that Omnidrive has received from Techcrunch, extremetech and many others, the truth for the average user seems far less rosy.

Matthew Ingram wonders if Omnidrive is heading for the deadpool, which my current experience appears to back up. Wandering around the various forums and chat rooms seems to indicate that all is not well in the Omnidrive world- there are many technical issues and these are not being solved mainly because of financial difficulties. And yet most of the complaints seem to be coming from people who have paid for storage. This raises a puzzle in the Web 2.0 world: How to make money from all the tech developments? I am worried when something like on-line storage can’t make it work: surely that has one of the simpler business models and if they can’t make it work, then what hope is there for something like Meebo that has no obvious revenue stream.

So for now at least, I have to have 1 foot in with the big guys- I’ll use Xdrive for on-line storage, becuase even though it may be flaky from time to time, it seems to be the best of the bunch.

So, now the list looks like

  • IM: Pidgin/ Meebo
  • Web Mail: GMX
  • Online storage: Xdrive

And the rest stay the same