My name is Ian Batty. I run my own company, Maguffyn, and work as a Solution Architect providing technical assistance to oil companies who want to implement medium to large scale IT systems. More details on my professional life are available at http://www.linkedin.com/in/maguffyn

I have lived in a large number of places including

  • Kent (Meopham to be precise, though various sports saw me move around to represent Gravesend Swimming Club and Rochester Lifeguard Club)
  • Southport (which holds a tie for me as my parents still live there)
  • Southampton (on several occasions, including my first time at University, after my second time at university and before and after I moved to Canada)
  • London (because, doesn’t everyone move to London at some point shortly after they finish university?)
  • Hannover, Germany (whilst working in Kazakhstan. Yeah, it gets a bit confusing)
  • Sheffield (which was my second time at university)
  • Tunbridge Wells (though I don’t include the time I was looking for oil there. And yes, that is a whole other story as to what I was doing looking for oil in Tunbridge Wells)
  • Calgary, Canada
  • Cheltenham
  • And possibly The Hague (den Haag) in the Netherlands

Which just goes to show why I tend to roll my eyes when people ask me where I am from.

Also, I have two kids and am divorced. No regrets about the marriage and the divorce because of the two kids.

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