Data Portability

… coming to a Web 2.0 near you.

I haven’t had time to dig into the details behind the announcement, but it looks like some of the big players in web 2.0 (Facebook, Google and Plaxo) have joined the data portability workgroup.

The initial aim is simply to allow users to export contacts from one social network to another, but this is hopefully the first step on the path web 2.0 conforming to sound data architecture principles. I have no idea if this was all part of the plan, but I can’t help but think that comments about how OpenSocial missed the point by ignoring the data from people like Tim O’Reilly and echoed by myself may have spurred on the process.

Whatever, congratulations to them for joining up and let’s hope that they are able to commit resources to Data Portability to improve the resources available

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