The price of owning a Maserati (and the pleasure it brings)

According to Top Gear a car owner can only really be called a Petrolhead if they have owned an Alfa Romeo. Well I have never owned an Alfa, but I do have a Maserati and Maserati is (after their Ferrari ownership years) once again owned by FIAT. And Alfa is part of FIAT so surely, owning a Maserati is like owning an Alfa, only more so. So I figure that owning a Maserati should qualify me as a Petrolhead.

Which is kind of ironic because I have never been a speed demon and never really interested in cars: A car needs to get me from A to B. Anything more is a bonus. Of course, with a Maserati the bonus is getting from A to B really fast. The downside to owning a Maserati is that the reputation of italian engineering appears to be well founded; in the last 6 weeks my car has spent 5 weeks in various mechanical departments, electrical workshops and on the back of trucks from recovery services.

Needless to say I was not overly happy with owning a Maserati and was tending towards just selling the car, cutting my losses and running from a bad deal…. And then my car was delivered back to me today. And I took it for a test drive.

After about 5 minutes I started to realise that there is something special about driving a high performance car. After another 5 minutes I was actually smiling as I turned it into sweeping corners. And 10 minutes after that I had completely forgotten just how much I had spent getting it fixed.

I have never owned a car that makes you smile when you drive it (mind you I have never owned a car that prompts people to stop me in car parks and ask “Is that really a Maserati?”). I like my car: Yes it is ridiculously over powered, yes it drinks fuel like there is no tomorrow (filling it up cost me £89 today and it will take me ~350 miles) and yes it will probably break down again soon. But until it does… I am going to enjoy driving my car. And my kids are going to enjoy it too.

And I don’t know how to put a price on bringing pleasure to your children.


  1. “And I don’t know how to put a price on bringing pleasure to your children.”

    How do you put a price on having your kids grow up being accustomed to certain amenities, like Maseratis, and then not being able to afford them on their own later in life? Your kids are destined either to be A) trust fund babies; or B) disappointed with their lives and in therapy; or C) both of the above.

    It’s a rare rich kid who grows up to be monetarily successful with their own accomplishments.


  2. @Ben: said like a true helicopter parent.

    If the toughest thing that Batty’s kids have to deal with in life is regret that they can’t have a car like daddy’s at 25, I’d say they are doing rather well. Obsessing over whether every single choice you make as a human being will eventually send your children into therapy strikes me as a good way to guarantee that your children eventually end up in therapy 🙂

    Just my 0.02pence (or however the monetary exchange goes)




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