I sold my soul long ago to the devil that is the mighty greenback: I work as a consultant in the oil industry so it is pretty clear what my driver is. And since I got divorced that need has pretty much been prescribed by a nice judge and a court order.

But when I work at a company I consider that I am as loyal to the company as I would be as if I were an employee. Now that may not be as loyal as some employees, but that is because I have never seen myself staying at a company for years on end; I like working for myself and I like the independence it brings.

So what brings about this rant? A conversation overheard in the coffee bar: 

Older Employee: “I am worried that we have too many consultants and we will not be able to capture the knowledge”

To which I can only comment: Then pay us to stay here long enough to complete the job, design a proper knowledge capture system and enable a decent search of the knowledge to allow future users to understand what went on.

Just don’t think it is the consultants fault for not being an employee, like so many things in life, it is far more complex than that.

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