Country Casual and Money

There is a particular style of fashion in the UK that is probably familiar to anyone who has ever seen a TV drama, set in the UK that takes place over a weekend: It consists of a green-ish sport coat, worn over a check patterned shirt, possibly with a tie, matched with either corduroy trouser or jeans and either brogues or wellington boots as footwear. When done right it is the epitome of an english gentleman (or woman) at home in their country manor.

As I was picking my son up from his swimming lesson today I saw a family (man, woman, 2 daughters) where she had got it completely correct, but he just didn’t look quite right; the jacket didn’t go with the shirt, the tie was out of place, the jeans were OK but the shoes were all wrong. Add to that the fact that he looked all sorts of uncomfortable and the impression was not good.

However, the family happened to be wearing name badges. Hers I didn’t see, his I did: “Lord Carnavon” at which point my opinion of his fashion sense changed from “doesn’t quite get it” to “with a title like that he can wear whatever he wants”

And who says that England isn’t still ruled by class.

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