Be careful, this could change your (photographic) life

I like to take photos. I bought a truly over-the-top camera (a Nikon F3) to try to take “proper” photos; and I did learn the technical aspects of taking photos. But there was something in the back of my mind that was rarely happy with the results.

Then I read this

And now I know. And you will too.

And I will be removing a whole bunch of photographs from my Flickr account.

And you should too


  1. Thanks for this link Bats. Finally got round to posting about it.

    I kind of see what he’s getting at and I think the idea of always keeping a broader image in your mind is something that I will take away. But I got the impression he was being a bit condecending about the average jo photographer on flickr.

    I was looking at the picture of pam and thinking a)a nice piccy but not very natural and b)sheesh that must of been a dull conference.

    Perhaps we will have to be content that we don’t have the special brain damage gift like he does 🙂


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