Record of my life

Not sure if there is a protocol for what you should post on a blog. I would kind of like to keep this one with a large enough technical content to make it worth reading for people who don’t even know me, but at the same time the very nature of creating a date stamped history allows a sort of very public diary to be created.

This entry is very much in the latter category:

Today I received my first phone call (ever) from my youngest son. Age 3 and a bit. And just starting to really talk. This is going to make me smile for the rest of the day. And give him a great big hug when I see him in about an hours time.

The greatest

Wanted to upload this for further discussion by anyone interested: A list of classic moments in sport that are numbered, but in no particular order

  1. Mike Powell vs Carl Lewis in Tokyo in 1991. The only man to jump further than Bob Beamon (and they’d still win by a foot today)
  2. The Baa-Baas when they still played for fun, could get out meaningful teams and had the beating of world class opposition (1973 vs All Blacks, obviously top of the list)
  3. Arsenal, right here, right now (sorry, couldn’t resist that one)
  4. Daley Thomson in LA 1984. And Seb too (Í’ll never forget the emotion on Seb’s face after winning the 1500). Throw in the 3 World records in 41 days in 1981 for good measure
  5. Derek Redmond, Barcelona 1992: Never was there a truer expression of what it means to compete (and finish) and why we need support.
  6. One Day World Cup Final with Clive Lloyd (1975) Windies at their best, intimidation and guile. Sir Viv coming into his own etc
  7. The fights that were used for When We Were Kings (Rumble in the Jungle, Manila etc)
  8. The sequence of fights with british middleweights in the early 90’s (Benn, Eubank etc) resulting in the horrific injuries to Gerald McClellan and Michael Watson. If there are more scary examples of the price you pay to be a boxer, I really don’t want to know.
  9. Speaking of which: the Hagler/ Hearns/ Ray Leonard/ Duran sequence
  10. MacEnroe in the Wimbeldon 1983 (or 4?) when he destroyed Connors in the final. And to add to some tennis I’d throw in 2007 Men’s final too. That was pretty special.
  11. Ryder 1985, in particular Sam Torrance on the final day
  12. The Ashes 2005. Bloody marvellous

Like I say, all and any comments welcome

Life imitating art

I can’t remember the exact dialogue from Pulp Fiction when Samuel L Jackson & John Travolta are discussing the ‘Royale with Cheese’ but I wish it had another fantastic fact about living in the Netherlands:

You can go to a movie and a waitress will bring you beer whilst you are watching the movie. Now, OK, this isn’t up there with splitting the atom, but by God it felt good to sit in a theatre, watch the Bourne Ultimatum (again) and have nachos and beer served.

And if you want to go and recreate the experience for yourself (and I would heartily recommend that you do) you can choose: (Just don’t be freaked out by the fact it is all in dutch)

Getting the hang of web 2.0

OK, I admit it. Compared to many people on the planet I am a dinosaur. I like ‘old’ houses- with character, I like proper grammar and sentence construction- even when I send a text, I like to use real knives to cook with.

And it takes me a while to understand how to use new toys. Like this web 2.0 thingy. So, as you are now reading, I have a blog that is managed by some very clever people, somewhere in the world (I have no idea where) because it is easier for me to do that. I also have a Flickr account and now I have just moved into the area of social bookmarking.

Except that I am not really using it as social bookmarking site, yet. See, the difficulty is that we have all been suckered into the terms that browser designers have given us. And the most common browser is Internet Explorer and their term is “Favorite” (spelled incorrectly, but that is another story) . Now I have a few pages that truly are my ‘favourites’. But most time I just want to be able to come back to this cool page that I have found. At which point the difficulty comes in knowing where to put something: is this in ‘IT’ or ‘News’ or ‘Shopping’ or wherever.

The social bookmarking sites appear to offer a solution to this- by allowing you to attach multiple tags to the page and then finding it again through any of those tags. Good news, I can save my page with all the tags necessary. The downside, I think that there needs to be some measure of ‘controlled vocabulary’ to ensure that the tags don’t disappear into metacrap.

See, I have been reading up on this stuff too.

So now I have to go through all my so-called favourites and find those that truly are favourites (probably less than 20 I guess) and what are bookmarks that I want to find again. Then classify them, then make sure that I have spelled the tags correctly. Oooh, it is just so much fun. Anyway, the tags are now at

I really shouldn’t say this

But I think I have worked out when the turbo charger kicks in when I am in top gear.

I was coming back from the airport and in a bit of a hurry to get home and so just ‘pepped it up a little’. Only to find that as fast as I was going there was a little Peugeot going even faster, so I pushed a little more and at something like 115 the turbo charger kicked in, the torque went up and the car started to accelerate. A lot.

Maserati 3200 GT

Which wouldn’t have been so bad if I was still in the Netherlands and the units of measure where km/h. Unfortunately, I was in the UK and really began to wonder just how fast I really want to go in my car. Which now probably deserves a picture