Simplification of Evil

Truly amazing the junk one can watch on hotel TV. Especially if in a foreign country and with limited channels. So last night I finished up watching ‘Charmed’ which was a show about 3 witches. Anyway, they ‘chose’ to be good until put under a spell at which point they ‘chose’ to be evil.

Which made for great TV but got me to thinking: No-one decides to be evil. They simply pursue a course of action that to others appears to others to have negative consequences for many people (often those consequences include death, but only in a nice, funny, turn into ice and the melt way. At least that is how it appears on TV).

So setting people up to choose to be evil just seemed facile. Making them decide to do things and damn the consequences for everyone else- that is much more fun. And true to life.

 But then it was a show about witches, so maybe I am reading too much into it.

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