I want to live in TV Land

Yes we are a long way behind, but UK terrestrial TV is just getting around to showing some of the ‘better’ US TV shows from the last season: Heroes, Dirt and my personal favourite: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

I just wish that I could be that smart when I talk and my problems could be captured in a neat little 48 minute episode

Use what you know

An all too frequent problem that hits IT systems is that someone will say “They did XXX in application YYY” and everyone around the table will nod sagely and know that only a fool would use application YYY, everyone knows that application ZZZ is far better for doing XXX.

Except that the people who were faced with XXX didn’t know (much) about ZZZ but they were really familiar with YYY and faced with the deadline of delivering something in time and on budget, the only approach was to use what they know and force it through.

The end result is functionality that doesn’t quite work but does enough to pass acceptance testing and goes into production.

The alternative is that everyone is using the ‘best’ tool to do things and you finish up with an unholy mess of everyone’s favourite tool doing just what it was designed for.

A solution to this problem? I would propose that a thorough enterprise architecture would help matters- there would still be the pocket of people who believe that ZZZ was the best solution, but the architects come along with their big sticks and simply beat them into submission with the multiple strains of

  • Enterprise scale benefit
  • Leverage of consistent development platform
  • Long term lower cost structure

And probably a few other reasons that I haven’t thought of.

So what is this post really all about? Simply the continued justification and value of having a good architecture within an organisation. Yes it will cost to set it up, but it should pay back. Eventually

Simplification of Evil

Truly amazing the junk one can watch on hotel TV. Especially if in a foreign country and with limited channels. So last night I finished up watching ‘Charmed’ which was a show about 3 witches. Anyway, they ‘chose’ to be good until put under a spell at which point they ‘chose’ to be evil.

Which made for great TV but got me to thinking: No-one decides to be evil. They simply pursue a course of action that to others appears to others to have negative consequences for many people (often those consequences include death, but only in a nice, funny, turn into ice and the melt way. At least that is how it appears on TV).

So setting people up to choose to be evil just seemed facile. Making them decide to do things and damn the consequences for everyone else- that is much more fun. And true to life.

 But then it was a show about witches, so maybe I am reading too much into it.

Is the whole world a blog?

I am currently updating pretty much entire on-line life. And I am beginning to wonder whether or not everything is actually a blog. The thought process that comes to this conclusion:

Whatever I am creating to post to the world, be it an article I have written or the scan of a ticket to an event that I went to see has a natural index to it: the create date. I don’t have to title it or think about classifying it (if I don’t want to) it just goes into the history of my on-line life.

This is extending the blog from the on-line diary metaphor to the digital history metaphor, but the same logic applies. So are we really just talking about content management, indexed by date? And what is the downside to that?

I’ll get back to you on that.

Latest Photo Upload

Have uploaded a whole load of photos of Ben and Jake to Flickr. So many in fact that I may have to upgrade to a professional account. Bugger. Oh well, the upside is that there is just about zero chance on this planet of me ever making 200 photos available via any other mechanism.

So enjoy (BTW If you click on the image to the right then a strange little popup window will appear before it takes you to my Flickr account. Don’t worry about it, just go with the flow)

New Blog Host

So, as is blindingly obvious, I have changed the host of my blog. Hopefully this will eventually result in higher search engine placement, but for now it is simply part of a much larger migration to standard tools and applications.

Other changes include changing from my proprietary picture viewer (lovingly crafted by hand, but now a bit of a pain to maintain) and the transfer of my personal website from a subdirectory under maguffyn.com to its own location at fledermaus.co.uk