Journeys in the Rain

I figure that I must travel too much- it seems that every time there is a “Storm of the Century” that hits the UK, I am travelling somewhere at the time. Last night was coming back from den Haag to Cheltenham. It could have been one of those epic stories to live on in bars for years to come. Instead, it all went off a bit quietly. Kind of like Y2K.

New Year Resolutions

Many people make New Year Resolutions: Give up smoking, Get Fit, Go on a diet. Most times these resolutions last for a few hours, days or sometimes even weeks. This year I made a resolution that I have pretty much been able to keep: Only watch worthwhile TV. To aid me in this endeavour I have a PVR (TiVO) that I program and then only watch the recorded TV. This saves time (skip the adverts) and means that I can compare some different, high (IMHO) quality shows. So the recorded shows include

  • Weeds
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
  • Heroes
  • Dirt
  • What About Brian
  • Life on Mars
  • Sensitive Skin

And you know what, it is working. Live is good. And if I don’t stick to it, I feel bad.